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Our Vision – From Nature We Learn

Sustainable and stable energy systems combine local energy conversion and local energy storage.

Electric energy is
clean, efficient and convertible to any other form of energy. It has become part of our life.
Mobility is converting from fossil fuel to electricity and simultaneously electric energy generation will convert from fossil and nuclear to renewable energies. Accordingly electric energy storage is inevitable.

Salt batteries are a sustainable way of electric energy storage with a huge potential for improvements.

BATTERY CONSULT has the know-how and passion to continuously improve this technology with ideas, concepts and R&D for the benefit of our customers.

Our Team

Our team of engineers and technicians has over 30 years’ industrial experience in advanced sodium-nickel-chloride (NaNiCl2) batteries for use in energy management, storage and automotive applications.

Our team of engineers and technicians has over 30 years’ industrial experience in advanced sodium-nickel-chloride (NaNiCl2) batteries for use in energy management, storage and automotive applications.

Key Personnel and Management

Andreas Spring
CEO, Head of Management Board

MBA Simon Business School (University of Rochester, NY), EMBA University of Bern, had different C-Level positions with focus on development and production driven SMEs, was founder and CEO of a start-up with global distribution and is member of the Board of Directors of a local energy supplier, joined Battery Consult in 2022.

Urs Guggisberg
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering FH, EMBA in General Management

Head of Production (Member of Management Board)

Graduated at HTA Biel with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering FH and at PHW Bern with EMBA in General Management. In various positions he gained extensive experience in engineering and production in several companies in Switzerland and China. With Battery Consult AG since September 2021.

Dr. Michael Bayer

(Member of Management Board)

In charge of all physics and simulation related activities

Graduated at ETH Zurich. Worked at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) on diagnostics of PEM fuel cells. With Battery Consult AG since July 2011.

Dr. Akane Hartenbach

In charge of all chemistry related activities

Graduated at University of Neuchâtel and ETH Zurich in the field of environmental analytical chemistry. Focus on SaltBattery cathode and corrosion related issues. With Battery Consult AG since January 2011.

Christian Zumbrunn

BSc. in Electronics and Communication Technology

In charge of hardware development for the battery management system and electronic laboratory equipment

Graduated at University of Applied Sciences Bern (BFH), specialised in embedded systems. Experience in the aerospace industry. With Battery Consult AG from May 2013 till July 2014 and since August 2017.

Simon Anderegg

BSc. in Microtechnical Engineering

In charge of software development for the battery controller.

Graduated at HTL Biel with a certificate of advanced studies in software engineering. In several positions, gained extensive experience in the development of safety-critical software solutions. With Battery Consult AG since May 2018.

Sven Leppert

B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering

Responsible for development and design of components for cells, batteries and manufacturing

Graduated at University of Reutlingen, Germany. Experience as design engineer for construction and tunnelling machines. With Battery Consult AG since March 2020.


Matthias Berger

Master watchmaker and goldsmith

Cooperation in the Battery Consult laboratory of in the production of prototypes

Graduated at the HTL Karlstein, technical school for watchmakers and at the Vienna Goldsmith Academy, Austria. Worked for several watchmakers in Austria and Switzerland. With Battery Consult AG since March 2020.

Daniel Kaufmann
Scientific glassblower / textile technician
Cooperation in the Battery Consult laboratory in the production of prototypes

Graduated at higher technical schools in Austria. Worked for several companies in the field of Laboratory equipment. He ran his own small farm in Switzerland and still has his own Lampworking workshop. With Battery Consult AG from June 2019 till November 2019 and since September 2020.

Pia Flury

Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (VET) as Commercial Employee; Advanced Federal Diploma in Marketing Planning

Responsible for accounting, purchasing, marketing and office administration

Worked in various offices in marketing, accounting and administration. With Battery Consult AG since August 2017.

Board of Directors

Dr. Cord-Henrich Dustmann

Founder, President of the Board

Graduated at University of Karlsruhe. In his earlier career he worked at ABB, first on the introduction of superconducting magnet technology and later with sodium sulphur (NaS) batteries. He then acquired unrivalled experience in the field of salt batteries (NaNiCl2), with leading positions in the teams that developed, industrialised and manufactured the early ZEBRA battery. He founded Battery Consult AG in 2008.

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Beat F. Brunner
MSc in Mechanical Engineering

Graduated as Mechanical Engineer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich. Earlier in his career, he worked on a research project on aircraft fatigue life monitoring before joining what is now RUAG, as a structural engineer. He then took on senior roles in aircraft testing, and later in aircraft assembly and maintenance, until he became General Manager of the Aerostructures & Space Division. From RUAG, he moved to motion simulator manufacturer ACUTRONIC, where he was responsible for marketing, business development and sales until he was recruited by the industry association Swissmem as Head of Industry Sectors. Today he runs his own company Fontium GmbH and holds board of directors’ mandates at inspire AG and DESAPRO AG.

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Peter Arengo-Jones

Graduated at Oxford University. Early professional years in broadcasting, then diplomacy: was Press Attaché and later Counsellor at British Embassy, Bern. Took early retirement to set up his present communications and marketing Consultancy.


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