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BATTERY CONSULT has long-term experience in Salt Batteries for many applications. The fields of competence are:

ZEBRA battery technology

AEG Anglo Batteries GmbH developed and produced ZEBRA batteries until the technology was acquired in total by MES-DEA in 1999. In 2010 FIAMM ( invested in this technology and later acquired the battery production plant in Stabio, south of Switzerland. They now sell their batteries under the trade name SoNick® battery. [Click on this link to visit the website of FZ SoNick, producer of ZEBRA Batteries.]

Also General Electric (, learned the salt battery technology from MES-DEA, acquired Beta Research & Development Ltd, UK and started production in 2012. GE sells their battery under the trade name Durathon®.

The Salt Battery, developed by BATTERY CONSULT, uses the ZEBRA chemistry and is being optimized for customer specific applications.

Cell and Battery Development

BATTERY CONSULT develops salt battery cells and batteries to the prototype stage, performs simulation and testing of cells and components and assists in production planning. From this work there is comprehensive experience in technology transfer to customers.


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